High Vacuum Type Dry Vacuum Pumps DAU-20
High vacuum type / Three-stages / with power cord / with switch / with thermal protector


High vacuum type diaphragm pump.
Low vibration.


Backing pump for TMP.
Analytical equipment.
Biochemical analysis.
Gas charging.
Vacuum drying systems.
Evaporators etc.

  Unit 50Hz 60Hz
Actual Pumping Speed L/min 20 23
Ultimate pressure Pa 200
Motor   Single phase, 100V, 80W, 4P, Capacitor run
Full load current A 1.46
Weight kg 7.5
Inlet, outlet pipe diameter mm O.D. dia.10 × I.D. dia.6 (Rc1/8)
Ambient temperature °C 5– 40
Overall dimensions mm 161(W) × 327(L) × 217(H)

1. The pump is stopped when the lord is operated, and the pump can’t be operated just after that.
In this case, please return the atmospheric pressure the inside of the pump.
2. Please don’t suck a causticity gas, an organic solvent, liquid and condensed gas (steam etc.).
Moreover, garbage, dust and etc. must not enter in the pump.
3. It is a pump only in the room.
Please do not set it up in the place, that rain and water splash, and outdoors.

Outline Drawing

Pumping Speed Curves

Optional Voltage
Voltage Applicable Volt CE Marked TUV Marked cTUVus Marked
Single phase, 100V Standard
Single phase, 115V
Single phase, 200V
Single phase, 220V
Single phase, 230V

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