Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy of ULVAC KIKO Inc.

Fundamental Principles

ULVAC KIKO Inc. takes the matter of geo-environmental problems seriously, as we believe it is one of the most important global issues. We consider environmental protection in every aspect of our business activities, and contribute to a world comfortable to live in and expansion of an affluent society.

Environmental Policies

1.Establish a production process that contributes to environmental protection.

2.Offer products that contribute to environmental protection.

3.Establish a product recycling system that contributes to environmental protection.

1)ULVAC KIKO Inc. conducts business related to development, designing, production and distribution of small-sized vacuum pumps and systems. We do our best to reduce environmental load.

2)We continuously go over and improve the system of environmental management to conduct improvement and reexamination of environment control.

3)We pursuit high standards of environmental conservation. In addition to abiding environmental regulations and other public standards, we set voluntary control standards to make sure our business activities do not affect the environment.

4)We do our best to reduce environmental load in production process and our products. In other words, we reduce consumption in natural resources, go ahead with energy conservation, and cut back on waste material to bring forward contamination prevention.

5)We are actively engage in development and distribution of environment-conscious products.

6)We take a proactive stance in product recycling and do our best to reduce consumption in resources and cut back on waste material.

7)To implement these policies, our environmental aims are set under opinions of people that require such conservation regulations. We regularly review our aims and promote environmental management activities as much as we can both technically and economically.

8)Our policies are carried into effect by our environmental management. We educate all of our workers about the environment and promote betterment of our environmental aims. Furthermore our policies are open to public inspection.

Business activities related to oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump, dry vacuum pump and small-sized vacuum system designing, development, production and servicing.

President and CEO of ULVAC KIKO,Inc.
Shin Ju-hoon

ISO 14001

We obtained ISO14001 certification in March 1999.

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