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Mechanical booster pumps

Mechanical booster pumps

Mechanical booster pumps

What is Mechanical booster pumps?

The mechanical booster pump is a pump that dramatically increases the pumping speed.

Features of Mechanical booster pumps

The pump increases the pumping speed drastically in the pressure range where the pumping speed of the roughing pump decreases bycombining with a roughing pump such as an oil rotary vacuum pump and a dry pump.

Strength: The pumping speed dramatically increases in the region from 10 KPa to 0.1 Pa.
Weakness: Cannot be used alone.


Semiconductor processes, vacuum distillation, vacuum packaging, degassing, thin films, vacuum metallurgy, low-density wind tunnel experiments, space development, vacuum impregnation, vacuum drying.

Mechanism of Mechanical booster pumps

The two cocoon-shaped rotors in the casing enter the driving gear at the shaft end and rotate synchronously in opposite directions. The gas which enters through the inlet port is confined in the space between the casing and the rotor. The gas is pumped to the exhaust port side by the rotation of the rotor and is discharged into the atmosphere by the fore pump of the rear stage.

Mechanical booster pumps
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