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Oil diffusion pumps

Oil diffusion pumps

Oil diffusion pumps

What is Oil diffusion pumps?

This pump is a momentum transport type pump that gives momentum to gas molecules by using the jet of oil vapor and transfers it to the exhaust port side to exhaust.

Features of Oil diffusion pumps

The oil diffusion vacuum pump is composed of Boiler that generates steam by heating oil, Nozzle for injecting steam in a fixed direction and Cold side for vapor condensation.

Strength: Simple structure. Exhaust speed is high.
Weakness: There is a backflow of oil vapor.


FPD manufacturing equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, vacuum distillation, purification degassing, sterilization, drying, dehydration, disinfection.

Mechanism of Oil diffusion pumps

The two cocoon-shaped rotors in the casing enter the driving gear at the shaft end and rotate synchronously in opposite directions. The gas which enters through the inlet port is confined in the space between the casing and the rotor. The gas is pumped to the exhaust port side by the rotation of the rotor and is discharged into the atmosphere by the fore pump of the rear stage.

Oil diffusion pumps
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