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Turbo moleculer pumps

Turbo moleculer pumps

Turbo moleculer pumps

What is Turbo moleculer pumps?

Turbo molecular pump is a molecular pump that consists of a rotor (rotor blade) with turbine-shaped blades and a stator (fixed blade).

Features of Turbo moleculer pumps

Turbo molecular pump consists of rotating blades that rotate at high speeds and fixed blades. Since the rotor blades rotate tens of thousands of times per second, the blades are damaged due to the load (resistance) placed on them in the air.
Therefore, the turbo molecular pump must be used in some degree of vacuum. Fore pumps such as dry pumps or rotary pumps are required.

Strength: Constant pumping speed and continuous gas pumping in the molecular flow region. No need for maintenance such as regeneration work. Flammable and corrosive gas can be exhausted.
Weakness: Since the blades rotate at high speed, it is necessary to pay attention to safety.


Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, deposition equipment, sputtering equipment, analysis equipment, etching equipment accelerator, FPD manufacturing equipment.

Mechanism of Turbo moleculer pumps

Turbo molecular pump has rotating blades and fixed blades arranged alternately. When gas molecules enter the inlet port, they are given momentum by the rotating blades, which rotate at high speed, and are sent to the lower stage. The gas molecules are compressed through multiple compression stages and sent to the exhaust port.

Turbo moleculer pumps

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